Growing Adaptive Organizations

Growing Adaptive Organizations

Making your organization effective and sustainable
to ride the waves of change.

Welcome to GRADO, the community for the Adaptive Organization.

We co-develop a perspective on sustainable organizations in times of many new opportunities.

Our roots include Lean and Agile large and small, organization design, organization development, management and leadership.

We follow an overall view that supports stability and change, unideological and open, bold and cautious.

Join us.

Viable System Model

About the Model

The Viable System Model opens the view to a third dimension of organizations: Decisions and information flow – after hierarchies and flow organization another viewpoint, which opens many insights and design options for shaping the organization.

Featured: the VSM Canvas.

The Viability Canvas

The Viability Canvas has been created for an easier start with the Viable System Model (VSM). It allows a quick start with diagnosing the structures, the decision making and the information systems of an organization.

Community Resources

Meetup – The GRADO Meetup is the place where practitioners enjoy an exchange of ideas and actively drive Open Innovation for the topics.
Wiki – mehr Informationen über Konzepte, Diskussionen und unfertiges
Academy – Die Quelle für Online-Kurse zu Agilen Grundlagen und mehr.
Travel Group – The DACH30 Special Interest Group, called “Travel Group”, developed an unique approach to talk about experiences in transforming enterprises.