Growing Adaptive Organizations

About the GRADO initiative

The GRADO Themes

The roots of GRADO lie in the experiences accumulated by practitioners of Lean and Agile in a variety of contexts. No two organizations are the same, but over the years some lessons learned and patterns have emerged that have been repeatedly useful.

GRADO focuses primarily on the topics of

  • Strategy
  • Organizational development
  • Leadership and management.

Open Innovation

This platform follows the basic idea of “Open Innovation”.

We believe that by opening up the innovation processes in a targeted way, an acceleration of innovation and synergy effects can be achieved for all participants without companies losing control over their IP (intellectual property).

GRADO aims to provide open knowledge and develop an exchange platform.

Licenses, Community

Unless otherwise stated at the time of posting:

Information published on GRADO is freely available under a Creative Commons license cc by sa, meaning content can be used, but the source must be acknowledged.

  • GRADO as a community offers space for other forms of exchange
  • people coming together to work on something together, e.g. an advanced training module
    I want to publish something, but want this to be reciprocal: I make it available to other contributors