Transformation Principles

1. Find the „Why“ for the Transformation

„How do we are going to see that we are successful“

Helpful Teansformation Patterns

2. Common Values and Principles

Values and Principles impact attitude, mindset and behaviour.

Commonly defined, stable values and principles act as a „Culture North Star“ that provides orientation and reflection space during our learning journey.

Helpful Teansformation Patterns

3. Learning Mindset

Transformation journeys are learning journeys. None is like the other.

It needs a common understanding that a feasible solution will develop over time. Through experimenting and adapting patterns  in our cooperation and collaboration we will learn and improve together on our journey.  

An iterarative approach will help to find emerging patterns that will optimize our work processes.

Helpful Teansformation Patterns

4. The Situation Determines the Approach

To better support a transformation journey, it might be helpful to expand your personal toolbox…

Suitcase with method names

5. As a Leader, be committed, not only involved

Leaders‘ commitment and active participation are a crucial success factor

Committed as Leader

6. Slice the Elephant

If the goal is too big, slice it up.

Smaller pieces/work batches help to

  • generate focus
  • deliver in fast iterations and allow for quick  learning and feedback cycles
  • ensure value driven outcome.
Slice the Elephant