Travel Reports

Travel Reports

Get inspiration for your Transformation Journey from others. In these travel reports we collected the experiences from various companies.

Every journey started at a different point with different routes as you can see on the maps.

But what they do have in common: all inital travel plans had to be adjusted sooner or later. And all the companies are glad to have embarded on their journey and are committed to proceed with it. 

An exemplary case study on how to get priorities aligned and make work visible to take educated desicions.

Everthing is important and needs to get done – and that is the reason why nothing really gets done! 

Don’t panic, keep delivering … even though strategy has just been turned upside down

Changing your strategy mid-development creates quite a challenging enviornment, We share how we were able to deliver under these  changing conditions. And how we had set up our organization to enable this feat.

From zero to Agile to agility

Ever heard of local optimization leading to global sub-optimization?

In this report you learn how a sub-unit of over 2,000 people came to exactly this conslusion. And  how they then managed to trigger cross-organizational improvements via the involvement from people of the whole organization.

This resulted into a new organizational structure for the whole company. 

More Travel Reports to follow…

And we warmly invite you invite you to share your story, too.