What are Adaptive Organizations

What are Adaptive Organizations

Our Understanding

Today’s world – societies and businesses – is characterized by fast change, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity. Companies face the challenge how to thrive in this ecosystem. The key question is: how to continually evolve and adapt fast in creating customer value?

There are many ways to achieve this state of being as an organization. We offer a summary and novel approach to think about different ways to start such a journey. 

We hope it helps you as much it helped us. We love to hear and see from you in our community. Take care and stay adaptive! 

Why it is relevant to you

Jack Welch said once:

 “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside – the End is nigh”

This reality is even more true in today’s world than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Change has changed, as Gary Hamel says: The speed of technological advancements is outpacing societal capability to adapt. And the outlook seems not to slow down. What does that do to a traditional, optimization-focused company? It makes it brittle and unable to adapt to this new reality.

We believe the time is now to start your journey to meet this challenge and become an Adaptive Organization, that thrives in creating customer value. Let’s start!

The Promise of Growing Adaptive Organizations

Digitalization and Digitization has already brought us magnitudes of productivity enhancements and will continue to do so. But it will also enable new and unforeseen advancements in how we tackle our problems at hand. Fast innovation and creation of new customer value has never been easier. Novel thinking and approaches will be norm not the speciality. With this we will see growth potentiual for companies – small and large – in a complete new way. Boundaries that we accepted as truths like physical localities, languages, know-how will all dissolve more and more into tightly integrated value creation networks. What looks like a neat and well defined chain of events today will more be like a pulsing network of mutual exchange of values in the future. 

If you want to be a player in such an ecosystem, you will need to bring unique characteristics to the playing field. Starting to nurture and master these will give companies a competitive advantage over laggards on a broad spectrum of topics (see Travel Map). 

Foto von Ian Turnell von Pexels