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VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 8

Step 8:Review the results of the analysis 8.1 Review Review the system: you should have identified the major parts of your System-in-Focus which render it viable. 8.2 Inadequate Parts Re-consider the parts which seem to be inadequate.. Do you have an initial idea how to handle them? No, do not yet act. You need some […]

VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 7

Step 7:Identify the policy making, System Five 7.1 Draw the System Five Square 7.2 Find the Policy Makers Write the people or departments responsible for policy making Notes Policy concerns the ground rules which affect everyone in an organization. In the Viable System, policy is the domain of System 5. It may best be described as […]

VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 6

Step 6:Dealing with the future and the external world: System 4 – Outside and Then 6.1 Draw in the System 4 square on your VSM. 6.2 Collect the System 4 activities List the activities of System 4 under the following headings 6.3 Validate the list The list contains all the activities which you System-in-Focus is […]

VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 5

Step 5:System Three: Optimization 5.1 Add System Three to the diagram Take your VSM diagram and draw in the System Three box in the lower part of the Metasystem. 5.2 Add the System Three channels Draw two lines from this box through all Operational units. The first line is the Command Channel. It is concerned with […]

VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 4

System 2 - coordination

Step 4:System Two – Stability and conflict resolution 4.1 Review your Systems One Look at your list of Operational elements. 4.2 Identify potential conflict Think about any conflict of interests or instabilities, (or oscillations) which may occur as the Operational elements interact. How are these conflicting interests resolved? List the instabilities and the ways that they […]

VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 3

Step 3: System One: the Operation PURPOSE: To specify those parts of the system-in-focus which undertake System One (primary) activities. 3.1 List the primary activities Take the list from 1.3 and write down the jobs which are primary activities of the System-in-Focus. These are the Operational elements. Sketch small VSMs within the large Operational ellipse […]

VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 2

VSM empty Canvas

Step 2:Draw the Viable System Model in Outline Purpose To depict the overview of your System-in-Focus in its totality. Alternatively Print and use the Canvas Abstract The diagnosis of your organization will proceed by drawing a large diagram which will represent your System-in-Focus as a whole system. At this stage, the outlines of the three […]

VSM Preliminary Diagnosis Step 1

Step 1:Define the System in Focus Purpose To clarify the boundaries of the System-in-Focus. During the diagnosis which follows, there are times when it’s easy to lose track of exactly what is being studied. So it’s essential to begin the Preliminary Diagnosis with a clear statement of the organisation (or the parts of the organisation) […]