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Stay Healthy

“Fail Early. Fail Often. Fail Forward.” Will Smith Tweet There are dangers lurking on a journey. No one wants to be robbed or go down in the agile Bermuda triangle. It helps to be aware of some of the common pitfalls on a transformation journey.  Neglecting the people dimension of change Plan everything upfront Overreliance […]

Before you start

Before you start Growing Conceptual Understanding There are certain patterns whenever you are growing a conceptual understanding in a new area. We support this incremental understanding by different ways to present things:

Portfolio Strategy

A Product Portfolio does not happen. O.K. sometimes it does, but in fact in order to reach a certain goal, your goal, You need to have a stringent development strategy and this development strategy needs to be managed, i.e. be aligned with an overall strategy, needs to recognize time horizons, needs to realize that capacity […]

Shared values and principles

“If you’re not willing to accept the pain real values incur, don’t bother going to the trouble of formulating a values statement.” Patrick M. Lencioni Tweet Transformations that start with a clearly formulated purpose and then adopt a common set of principles and values are more likely to succeed than organizations that simply implement practices. […]

System thinking

“To optimize the whole, we must sub-optimize the parts.” W. Edwards Deming Tweet The most significant gains are to be made in managing the organization as a system, not in optimizing components within the system. Optimizing the results for a process is not the same as optimizing that process in a way that it provides […]

Participation and communication

People own what they create Myron Roger, Myron’s Maxims Tweet Participation and communication can be considered as sister cities and form what is actually required for the transformation; participatory communication. Transformation only happens when the people who do the work do the change. Participatory communication requires a shift in focus from communication as a dissemination […]

Enabling architecture

“While we must acknowledge emergence in design and system development, a little planning can avoid much waste.” James O. Coplien Tweet The architecture of a system must support the ability to provide frequent, independent releases to meet business objectives. In addition, the architecture must be easily adaptable to strategy changes. This is achieved by evolutionary […]