About this Guide

We use the metaphor of a travel guide as every transformation is also a (learning) journey. Full of surprises, unexpeted turns, new discoveries but also huge dissapointments. Nonetheless: it is always a thrilling journey.

With the travel guide we want to provide you with ideas for your starting point and with a frame that puts  essential transformation components into context.

We want to help executives and leaders to understand

  • The challenge and complexity of such a transformation
  • The necessity of their active support, engagement, and involvement
  • That there is no blueprint that fits their unique situation and context
  • You always evolve from where you are right now, therefore you need to know how to make sense of the current situation and goals
  • How to iteratively change the organization by leveraging  appropriate concepts and approaches

Safety advice 

The seabed is littered with the unfortunate ones who simply tried to adopt a recipe. When this didn’t work they abondend the sinking ship and looked for the next fool-proved one, aka the next recipe or agile trend. instead of finding out why it didn’t work for them. 

Who are we, the creators of this guide?

We are enthusiasts and experienced transformation experts from large-size companies.

We are not pursuing commercial interests with this guide. All information can be freely used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

Photo: Andrei Tanase on Pexels