Growing Adaptive Organizations

Step D1: Choose your transformation pattern

Choose your transformation pattern

The final part of the Canvas journey is the implementation of improvement which you identified in the previous steps.

VSM itself does not limit your approach, but in principle, you have the choice

  • Transformation: perform one classical change process. This implies you have access to senior management, who can authorize a possibly drastic intervention. Once you start such a transformation you are committed; it causes high transaction costs: communication, expectations, and fear in the organization and you do not want to go through this multiple times.
  • Evolution: devise single improvement steps. This iterative approach is better suited when you have a limited sphere of influence or if you want to experiment with one change before committing to the next one.

Hack: Start with some actions, or experiments and see what happens. This can be beneficial if you do not have an official mandate while seeing the urgency to change things.

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