Growing Adaptive Organizations

The Playbook

The VSM Canvas

The VSM Canvas is a piece of work in progress: a textual explanation of the different steps. Get the Playbook

Areas of Interest

The Map Every Transformation Journey is different. But a map could be useful to not lose orientation, to draw inspiration from it and to avoid blind spots. So far we have three continents where the map can help us to navigate:1. Evolving Strategy2. People and Culture3. Enabling Structures Common values and principles as well as […]

Evolving Strategy

In a business environment of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, strategy development is not something you do once and follow the plan for the next five years.


Die Konfliktmoderation – möglicher Ablauf in 5 Schritten Schritt 1: Klärung des organisatorischen Rahmens. Zielklärung: Erklären Sie den Konfliktparteien nochmals, worum es bei der Konfliktmoderation geht: um ein Lösen des Konflikts. Jedoch nicht in der Form, dass alle Emotionen und Erfahrungen in der Vergangenheit aufgearbeitet werden. Nein, die Arbeitsbeziehung soll neu ausgehandelt und so geregelt werden, dass […]

Story Line

The Mission The site describes our view of the needs and mechanics of creating an adaptive organization. It relies on insight of practitioners of enterprises including DAX30 companies. The techniques include principles of Lean and Agility, but are not restricted to specific methods or frameworks. Key levers for Growing the Adaptive Organization The harmonic orchestration […]

Yesterday’s Weather

An extreme programming technique. If you do not know anything to make a prediction, use your own historic data to predict what will happen. You are allowed to learn and to adapt. Take your own experience and modify settings to tweak the outcome. This is a very simple PDCA cycle. It is a little bit […]


Plan-Do-Check-Adjust(Act) Cycle. Make a plan, execute as planned, check the result and decide for the next step. Darn simple – in principle. Question is why so few people actually use the cycle. don not mistake the P-D-C-A Cycle as “trial and error”. Trial and error works without the input of intelligence. When you do not […]