Growing Adaptive Organizations

Strategic Workforce Development

Actively develop your organization as the organization actively develops your products. This idea directly shows the importance of strategy, tactical and execution for workforce planning as well as product planning. Workforce and products need to follow a common roadmap. If there are products on the roadmap and the organization has not the right skills and […]

Portfolio and Strategy

A Product Portfolio does not happen. O.K. sometimes it does, but in fact in order to reach a certain goal, your goal, You need to have a stringent development strategy and this development strategy needs to be managed, i.e. be aligned with an overall strategy, needs to recognize time horizons, needs to realize that capacity […]

From Situation to Strategy

How to I start strategic work when I have never followed a stringent path in terms of strategy? Document your portfolio as it is today. You can find a center of gravity in there? This is your identity. Your portfolio defines your identity. If not, give yourself an identity. How do you want to be […]


Have a clear vision  – Start with Why Start with Why is Simon Sinek’s mission to help others do work, which inspires them, and uses real-world examples of great leaders to show you how they communicate and how you can adapt their mindset to inspire others yourself. 3 lessons you should take away from Start […]

Wardley Mapping

Wardley mapping is a visual method for exploring, understanding, and communicating strategy under circumstances of constant change. What is your competitive environment? Where should you focus? (Why here over there?) What should you own and build in-house? What should you buy off-the-shelf or outsource? Which methodologies should you use? Where are your competitors relative to you? […]

Yesterday’s Weather

An extreme programming technique. If you do not know anything to make a prediction, use your own historic data to predict what will happen. You are allowed to learn and to adapt. Take your own experience and modify settings to tweak the outcome. This is a very simple PDCA cycle. It is a little bit […]

Three Horizon Model

The three horizon model is attributed to Mehrdad Baghai, Stephen Coley, and David White, “The Alchemy of Growth”, New York: Perseus Publishing, 1999. The idea that we are going to employ here is simply to separate operations from tactics from strategy. Operations is referring to the present and the immediate future. Strategy is determining the […]

Portfolio Management Squared

Portfolio Management is typically considered with respect to products. This restriction however ignores a very strong interdependency. Typically, complex products are systems, comprised of sub-systems. The people in our organizations that generate these systems are a system themselves, just like the organization that is a system in its own. The is a very close symbiosis […]

Portfolio Management

The portfolio management is an essential feature for strategic thinking. We need to know where we want to be in three to five years from now. Even in uncertain times, were tomorrow is not certain (it actually never is …), we need to know where we want to be in in future. A longer horizon […]