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Before you start

Before you start Growing Conceptual Understanding There are certain patterns whenever you are growing a conceptual understanding in a new area. We support this incremental understanding by different ways to present things:

Insider Tips

Insider Tips During our various travels we have found a lot of opportunities but also had to tackle many challenges. We have been learning constantly how to make the journey a better experience with better results for all parties involved. The more we travel, the more comfortable we have become in navigating various travel routes. […]

Travel Map

GRADO travel map

(click on points of interest for details) The map shows regions and areas of interest that you may want to visit during your journey.   It can help you to find your way when you are planning or are already on the road. For a holistic transformational journey, take the time to pay attention to all […]

About this Guide

About this Guide We use the metaphor of a travel guide as every transformation is also a (learning) journey. Full of surprises, unexpeted turns, new discoveries but also huge dissapointments. Nonetheless: it is always a thrilling journey. With the travel guide we want to provide you with ideas for your starting point and with a […]

What are Adaptive Organizations

Our Understanding Today’s world – societies and businesses – is characterized by fast change, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity. Companies face the challenge how to thrive in this ecosystem. The key question is: how to continually evolve and adapt fast in creating customer value? There are many ways to achieve this state of being as an […]

Adaptive Organization

Adaptive Organizations A Travel Guide The “Adaptive Organization” is becoming an increasingly interesting destination for many companies. But how to get there? It is not possible to book this trip as an all-inclusive, off-the-shelf travel arrangement. Each and every journey is different. Based on our own travel experiences, the creators of this travel guide are […]

Travel Reports

Travel Reports Get inspiration for your Transformation Journey from others. In these travel reports we collected the experiences from various companies. Every journey started at a different point with different routes as you can see on the maps. But what they do have in common: all inital travel plans had to be adjusted sooner or later. […]

Don’t panic, keep delivering

… even though strategy has just been turned upside down This is a story of our Agile Transformation where the environment was a little … challenging and the strategy was changed mid development. We share how we were able to deliver in a changing environment. And how we had set up our organization to enable […]

Everything is important …

Everything is important … … and that is the reason why nothing gets done Everything is important and needs to get done – and that is the reason why nothing really gets done! An exemplary case study on how to get priorities aligned and make work visible to take educated decisions. Does this sound familiar? […]